When it comes to your wedding dress, each detail and decision is equally important including the neckline you go for. The neckline you end up choosing will without a doubt set the tone of your wedding dress. 

To assist you in your decision, Nbluxe has singled out five necklines that are by far the most liked ones among brides who are looking for a contemporary, romantic, daring, and classic look. This guide will help you discover the neckline that beautifully frames you on your big day. 


V Neckline

This neckline design is perfect for every bride who wants to play it safe on their big day. A V-neckline flatters most body types and in fact brings out the best in each of them. 

Plus Size Fitted Sequin Bridal Gown with Neckline 

If you want to keep things modest and respectable, choose a higher V neckline that displays less cleavage. If you're more on a small-chested side, a deep V plunging neckline can help achieve a sophisticated and chic look. Several V Necklines also come with slimmer, form fitting cut that is also helpful in keeping the bodice stay in place, otherwise a double-sided fashion tape can be useful to secure the V neck from moving around when you move. While everyone looks good in a V Neckline, this neckline is specially made for hourglass and pear-shaped figures as it draws attention to your narrow waistline while keeping other body parts in perfect proportions. For the apple-shaped brides out there, the V Neckline is also a great choice as it does an exemplary job at creating the image of a longer torso. 


White Sequin Fitted Bridal Gown with V Neckline and Lace Up Open Back



Another question that arises is whether to go sleeveless or not. The answer to this depends upon the season. If your wedding event is being held in the smouldering heat of July, the smart decision would be to go for a Sleeveless V-neckline bridal gown. Our Amiya V-Neck Gown or Kalani V-Neck Gown is a go-to option for many Nbluxe brides. 


On the other hand, if you're having a fall or winter wedding, the wise decision would be to go for a dress with sleeves like our Elena Long Sleeve V-Neck Gown available in the colors white/white and white/nude. 


White Pattern Sequin Fit and Flare Bridal Gown with Long Sleeves and V Neckline

Elena Long-Sleeve V-Neck Sequin Gown


Square Neckline

Dating back to the Regency era, Square Neckline recently rose to popularity again after Nicola Peltz went for the design on her big day. In recent times, a lot of 90s-inspired trends have been making rounds in all aspects of the fashion industry. Even though, to the eye, the neckline might get unnoticed but it certainly gives a trendy twist to any dress. 


One of the big advantages of a Square Neckline is that it works well with a range of body types. If you're a bride with broad shoulders, Square Neckline should be an obvious choice as it will soften your silhouette and create a balanced look. A Square Neckline also aids you in showing that collarbone, complementing a petite or rectangular body shape adding much-needed dimensions and giving a curvy image. This dress design is well-liked for being timeless, elegant, and versatile. 






Off The Shoulder Neckline

For brides who want to show an appropriate amount of skin without seeming scandalous, Off The Shoulder Neckline will do a perfect job. This neckline sits just below the shoulder, showcasing the collarbone and shoulders with sleeves covering a specific part of the upper arm.


Once again, Off Shoulder Neckline goes well with hourglass and pear-shaped bodies, drawing considerable attention to the upper body. The neckline exudes a feminine and romantic vibe, themes that complement a wedding.


Another special advantage of Off The Shoulder Neckline is that it's versatile in its usage. You wear the dress at your wedding and then somewhere in the future, you can revamp the dress for other casual settings. 



Nyla Off-Shoulder Gown


With a body-hugging silhouette, our Nyla Gown is made for brides who want simplicity and elegance. The dress is a balance between sophistication and flare, a combination one should not let go. 


Gianna Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Gown - White


Featuring white embroidered pattern sequins, the Gianna Off-Shoulder Long Sleeve Gown is a no-brainer purchase for brides who are having their wedding ceremony in colder months. Besides having an icy yet minimalistic look to it, the dress will do an amazing job of turning heads when you're walking down the aisle. 


Sweetheart Neckline

Brides who are looking for a sweet and feminine style should consider a dress that comes with a Sweetheart Neckline. As the name suggests, this neckline comes in the form of a heart, making it a perfect choice for wedding season.


Because of its soft edges and feminine vibe, the design is also called the Princess Neckline. The heart-shaped silhouette accentuates the bust and gives a curvy illusion. Again, the neckline works well with several body types, balancing out broader shoulders and adding curves to the upper body. The Neckline is a popular choice among many renowned brands. 


If you want to achieve a classic and seamless look with the help of this neckline, our Gianna Gown in White might just be the right fit for you.


Gianna Gown - White/White


Adorning a strapless sweetheart neckline with a bodice that takes the form of a mermaid sweep train, Gianna Gown will make you look and feel beautiful. 


High Neckline

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn's wedding dress? If you do then you'd also remember that she chose the high neckline timeless style. For small busted and wide shouldered brides, high-necklines are a great choice.


In case the wedding is going to be held in a colder season, there's no better option than a high neckline as it will be a practical choice, both cosy and stylish. If you're hell-bent on achieving a modest look for the big day, here at Nbluxe we've got an ideal dress for you. 


Liliana Lace Gown - Ivory


Liliana Lace Gown features premium Chantilly Floral Lace accompanied by a shoulder-barring halter design. The dress is for sure one of our dreamiest creations with a balance between chic and sophistication. 

We hope that your wedding dress be a masterpiece, framed by the perfect neckline. Nbluxe offers affordable wedding dresses under $500 and is always here to help you out with any queries. So without compromising on quality and style, order your favorite look online now!


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